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We believe strongly in the private markets and their role in funding enterprise and innovation. Post 2008 traditional funders withdrew from the market leaving a funding vacuum.

Concurrently according to data from Blackrock, private alternatives more than tripled since 2007, increasing from $2.5tr to $8tr.¹ Deloittes report that HNW investors allocate 10.4% of their onshore wealth to alternatives.

At BWC we believe the private markets offers eligible investors the opportunity to consider an array of alternative investments that with the correct financial advice can contribute strongly in balanced portfolios’.

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The application required for someone to become an agent
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Are your clients seeking yield?

Are you a professional advisor or regulated agent? If so Blue water capital have array of investments that are suited for eligible sophisticated or professional investments. Our background in structuring and organisation allows us to work with our clients to structure investment opportunities that will fund their project or business growth. These investments are made available as alternatives through private markets.

Our in house deal management platform can insure your clients interests are seamlessly dealt with adding fully integrated to add them to a any platform or portfolio handled anywhere in the world.

Interested to see what investment opportunities are available?

A simple registration process ensures we remain complaint and any investments we are engaged by our clients to facilitate are only made available to professional advisors.