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Corporate Finance Service

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Whether a business needs to raise, restructure or refinance, Bluewater’s skills lie in recognising a businesses’ assets and being able to structure and utilise them in an efficient and cost-effective manner to free up liquidity and enable our clients to maximise their potential. Bluewater is sector agnostic, allowing us to provide solutions to a wide range of businesses

Case Study

Craft Gin Club

Following Craft Gin’s successful venture onto the Dragons Den where they left with a £75,000 investment from Sarah Willingham, Craft Gin Club has evolved to become the UK’s largest gin subscription club. When it was ready to take the business to the next level, Craft Gin turned to Bluewater to assist with its fund raise. Bluewater provided its online investor platform Lygo (previously known as CASS) to sit “within” Craft Gin’s own website, allowing investors to engage and efficiently purchase the company’s bonds. Lygo compliantly processed the significant number of investor subscriptions and managed the money transfers through the Client Money Account. Bluewater continues to provide post investment registrar services, managing the bond register and the distribution of all coupon payments to investors.