Funding & Distribution

Capital Introduction

Bluewater Capital has invested a lot of time in developing and gaining access to networks of agents and advisors and the investor networks they control across the globe. Bluewater’s online platform LYGO has been specifically crafted to facilitate compliant access to our client’s funding programs.

Cross Border

The UK remains an attractive place to do business and many investors across the globe seek to take advantage of our stable, growing economy and the opportunities presented here. Bluewater has developed a global network and presence and has helped local clients raise capital from Europe, Asia and Africa.

Bluewater structures financial instruments in GBP, US Dollar or Euros to cater for international investors and issues exchange listed or private placement bond and equity securities in these currencies.

The securities are listed on global exchanges with multilateral trading facilities (MTF) allowing the international investment community seamless access to the products – either routed through standard clearing systems (Euroclear, Clearstream, CREST) or direct access to the issuer’s (unlisted) private deals themselves via Bluewater’s proprietary transaction platform.

In addition, Bluewater acts as the cross-border security trustee for non-UK issuers providing over-arching supervision on collateralisation and covered deals for assets under charge but held outside the UK.

Business to Business

The global investor base has evolved. Connectivity channels are opening the corporate world to all spectrums of investors through self-managed pension schemes to offshore wealth management platforms. Bluewater are specialists in mapping and utilising commercial distribution, finding the right kind of investors for our clients.

Bluewater’s platform – LYGO- is specifically designed to allow borrowers to access the networks of investors across the globe. In turn investors looking for product can easily register with LYGO to gain access to and execute trades with Bluewater’s own growing portfolio of client funding structures, whether they are listed bonds, listed equity, private equity, specific P2P funding or more general loan notes.

In this way, capital introduction is controlled and facilitated by LYGO making the whole process far safer, more controlled and more cost effective for borrowers. Bluewater increases the size of the investor community tapping into LYGO on an ongoing basis through rigorous marketing which gives borrowers more and more options as the platform grows in reach.