Our Philosophy

The Bluewater Way

Following successful careers at world leading financial institutions and pioneering new technology projects that delivered financial instruments for large, deep pocketed corporations, we wanted to make the same quality and range of product available to the SME market. Previously excluded by cost and complexity, we developed our own RegTech platform to support and meet SME needs, providing them with the same opportunities for success as their larger counterparts.

Innovation & Integrity

In the wake of the financial crisis the financial crisis of 2008, Bluewater recognised that the traditional banking routes were failing SMEs. The alternative investment market has been growing and has large pools of liquidity, but it is often hard to navigate and access the pools that are relevant to a specific business. Bluewater was created to provide a service to SMEs; to guide them efficiently and effectively through the alternative investment market to investors that are relevant to their business requirements and raise funds in accordance with regulatory requirements. We do this through our diverse global network of professional investors, innovative financial instruments and direct routes to market.

We are open and honest with our clients and will challenge our clients thinking to ensure they achieve their ultimate goals. We provide honest advice and integrity is key to everything we do.


Given the complexities of the alternative investment market, it is critical that any fund raising is done in a considered and compliant manner that meets all regulatory requirements. Bluewater has thorough checks and procedures in place to ensure all client and investor onboarding meet regulatory requirements. Ongoing monitoring means we remain compliant throughout our client relationships and we follow regulatory guidelines closely to make sure that all capital raising meets current regulations.

Creating and facilitating client offers in a clear and fair way is central to our ethos. The mediums for promotion in a digital world are vast. There are strict rules and guidelines to protect investors and govern those seeking investment. We developed our services to specialise in this specific area of legislation. We assist our clients in preparing a complete and successful offering in any asset class using a range of instruments or funding vehicles. The burden of compliance falls on us, leaving our clients to focus on their business and delivering their vision.